You don’t create a separate app for the smartwatch, you adapt the existing one

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If you’ve already developed a mobile app, you can easily adapt it for the Apple Watch. The development process takes a few weeks and doesn’t hurt the budget. However, user interface designing is a more tricky issue. The main challenge here is to decide which functions you’d like to offer your users.

What to keep in mind:

  • Don’t duplicate all the functions of your main app. Choose one or two or even create something different. Users don’t want their smartwatches to be an extended version of the main app;
  • Pay more attention to the texts that you use in your app - they make up the most of an interface. Short and simple sentences are advisable;
  • Background and text colors should contrast. A user should not feel any discomfort while checking his smartwatch display in the sunlight;
  • Be careful using animation. Smartwatch animation displaying capabilities are still quite limited;
  • If an interaction with a device takes more than fiveseconds, a user will probably prefer to take out his smartphone.

There is only one goal — to increase customer loyalty.


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