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Bon Appetit

Cooking As Good As Mom’s

Bon Appetit is a mobile recipe book. Whether you are a Jamie Oliver, or new to the kitchen entirely, this app will become your right hand in kitchen. The app editorial team posts lots of different recipes from easy-to-prepare to challenging and sophisticated.


All recipes go with step-by-step pictures and descriptions. Internal timer helps to track cooking time.

Smart filter

Do you want to spend less time on cooking? Are you looking for low-calorie recipe? No problem. With the smart filter you can search for recipes by cooking time, caloric value and even products at hand.

Tiger Milk has been working on the Bon Appétit project for 3.5 years. During this time Tiger Milk has brought together more than 8 million co-thinkers and created the biggest Russian-speaking food video channel.

Shopping Basket

Before you start cooking, check the ingredient list. If you lack some ingredients, you can create a shopping list for a certain number of servings by one tap.

Favorites and Cooked

You can access your favorite recipe at any time - just add it to your “Favorites”. When you try a new recipe, you can add it to “Cooked” collection.

We’ve designed the app interface and use cases and added Touch Instinct’s secret ingredient - a pinch of love. We are planning to improve this application in the future.

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