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Chaos Control

Task manager for the Apple Watch and Samsung Gear 2

Chaos Control is a task manager made by Tarasov Mobile. It is available across all major mobile platforms. We’ve designed applications for the Apple Watch and Samsung Gear 2. These apps connect to devices with major iOS and Android versions.

With Chaos Control, once you sync your Apple Watch to a smartphone, you can check planned tasks on the wrist-worn device. Just keep the phone in a pocket.

The Short-Look Interface

This application gives you quick access to your today and tomorrow daily task lists. You can use a “Glance” view to see the full daily task list. It also displays details of your task at hand.
Currently, only the day task list is available on the Samsung Gear 2.

Notifications and task managing

The watch display’s task notifications. Just tap once to modify task status, move due dates, postpone tasks or cancel them.

Product development

Chaos Control is our first application for Tizen OS wearable devices.
It’s a new experience that we plan to develop in the future. Our next goal is to create applications for Android Wear.

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