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Digit War

Ingress from Russia

Goal: create mobile location-based game for iPhone.

In Digit War users fight for real objects in a virtual world. Players capture buildings near their location. To prevent building from being captured owner can strengthen it with some amount of "pixels". More times bulding is captured by players more revenue it gives to his owner.

Objects in attack radius. Red - enemies, green - yours, blue - free.

In contrast to Geopoly, where building can be bought by multiple players, in Digit War only one player can own a building.

Capturing building

Specifics of location-based games is that for good gaming experience you have to physically move in the city, and that's not always possible (you are lazy, busy or whatever). That's why we implemented teleport, which can transfer player to any point on the map. After 2 minutes player is transfered back to his location.


To bring more fun to the game we've implemented achievements, and to make it more competitive - ratings. You can share progress with your friends by connecting to your Facebook account.

New achievement, list of achievements

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