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Domino’s Pizza

An app with pepperoni buttons

Domino's Pizza is an international fast food restaurant chain. The company was found in 1960 in the USA and today it has locations in 70 countries. Domino's Pizza delivers over 1 000 000 pizzas daily. Domino’s already had an app, but users had difficulties navigating it and placing orders. Moreover, the app crashed occasionally which was also not encouraging. We were entrusted to make users happier and design and develop user-friendly apps for iOS and Android.

Were on fire like a pizza

Release was scheduled 3 months after the project kick-off. During that time we had to finalize and approve navigational scheme and design and develop apps for two platforms.We were doing our best to meet deadlines and client’s demands. After sleepless nights with bags under the eyes but pleased with ourselves we met the deadline.


We completely revised the app navigation. The client provide us with 40 app screens and Touch Instinct designers turned them into 180. Despite complex logic, the app design turned out quite ascetic. The client limited color palette to Domino’s brand colors, grey and red. Central focus is on the app content - delicious photos of pizza with melting cheese.

Special offer builder

The hardest part was to design “Special offers” block. Domino’s has several different types of special offers and each of them works in different ways. Some of them give fixed discounts on final orders, others let you choose an additional free pizza. At best users should be able to intuitively navigate through all special offers. All information about your order and special offers will be safely stored in the app. If you want to switch between screens and look through the menu - go ahead. When you go back to your order, all special offers that you chose will be there.

Custom pizza

You can add your favorite ingredients or remove those that you don’t like.

Reserved order

The app will spot Domino’s restaurant closest to you. The restaurant delivery zone will be highlighted on the map.

Our delicious app is also available for Android users.

In december Domino's Pizza launched the first restaurant in Saint Petersburg and it’s became even more interesting to test the app.

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