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Online Farmers Market

Farmy is an organic products shop which operates in Europe. All products are purchased from farmers and delivered to customers by electric truck. To increase number of new clients and orders, Farmy decided to launch an app.

Farmy developed design concept of the app by their own efforts, but they didn’t have specialists to build a mobile app itself. We did. So we helped Farmy to develop apps for iOS and Android.

Smart shopping cart

Farmy care for the environment and help their customers to be environmentally sensitive. The shopping cart displays the amount of CO2 that has been prevented from reaching the atmosphere thanks to the service. The company sells not only green product but also green delivery service.

Online shop window

The app is simple, functional and focused on content delivery: high-quality photos and information about the products. To make switching between product cards smooth, we used 3D Touch technology. The app detects two levels of pressure: pressing softly on a product card launches preview, pressing harder on a card opens detailed information.

Order Tracking

Once a courier sets out, his route to delivery address is built on the map and delivery time is displayed. Customers know for sure when their orders will be delivered.

It took some doing with designing delivery information form. In Germany, Austria and Switzerland house numbers are assigned depending on which municipality they belong to. We came up with an idea how to bypass the system.

Customer profile

In “Customer profile” section customers can download photos, provide information about themselves and check the amount of CO2 that has been prevented from reaching the atmosphere thanks to the green delivery service. Also they can change app language (English, German or French) and navigate through previous orders.

Farmy Bird

Our client came up with the excellent emotional trigger that will increase customer engagement. Farmy developed a game with Flappy Bird mechanics and integrated it into the app. Customers are offered to get a chicken across the Swiss scenery and pick up fruits and vegetables along the way. The game will please both children and adults.

Farmy is also available on Android, also with lovely online shop window, informative product cards and handy category search feature.

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