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Follow Me

Independent internet radio

Follow Me is a Moscow-based internet radio station. It has been broadcasting independent music 24/7 since 2010. Also, Follow me has been releasing original podcasts of DJs from all over the world.

Listening to podcasts on smartphones wasn’t convenient. We’ve solved this problem by designing and launching a new iPhone app.

Multichannel broadcasting

The app broadcasts four music channels and lots of podcasts. You can choose a channel and listen to music on your device in background mode.

Podcast search

Just swipe down to open search tab in podcast menu. You can search for music tracks by title or artist. Tracks are listed from latest to oldest.

Quick access to podcasts

You can tap equalizer icon at the upper right to access currently playing podcast from any app screen


Tap star icon next to play button to add a track to your favourites. Now you can listen to your favourite playlists at any time.

Release 1.2

We are currently supporting and developing this application. In release 1.2 we’ve improved broadcasting quality. Now users can also save podcasts to their devices.

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