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Paying fines imposed by State Traffic Safety Inspectorate (GIBDD)

We produced these iOS, Android and Windows Phone applications on behalf of MegaLabs (a subsidiary company to Megafon, the second largest federal mobile network operator in Russia). These apps allow users to pay fines imposed by STSI.

  • iPhone и Android
  • Windows Phone

Vehicle registration

A driver uses his telephone number to sign in to the app. He enters his driver’s license number or a vehicle registration number.

Drivers can receive fine notices from all country regions.

Notifications and list of fines

A user can see unpayed fines and payment history on the app home screen.

The app sends push- or sms-notifications to inform a driver about a new fine.

Paying fines

A driver can pay fine through his bank card or from his mobile phone account. Once you pay a fine, your bank card and account details are stored in the system.

Paying receipts

You can also pay hard copy receipts — just enter act number.

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