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Way more than a fitness tracker

Healbe GoBe™ provides the most comprehensive information from your body, delivered effortlessly to your smartphone.

Healbe GoBe™ is the first digital device in the world that can track your calorie intake and hydration level. Also, Healbe tracks your physical activity and sends the statistics to your smartphone. The client company has created the app design, and we’ve helped with iOS app development.

big brother is watching you

The bracelet tracks your physical activity and automatically counts calorie intake and expenditure. The device also notifies you when it’s time to drink water. One of the most useful features is a smart alarm clock. Healbe wakes you up during REM (rapid eye movement) sleep. It helps you feel better in the morning and stay active throughout the day.

Healbe FLOW technology

The GoBe device is based on the Healbe FLOW™ Technology. It measures calorie intake and hydration level through your skin. Let’s see how it works. The GoBe device tracks pressure of the body tissues to measure fluid-flow rate between cells and pericellular spaces. Based on a glucose curve, it counts calorie intake.

It’s not our first app for smart devices. We have already adapted Meduza and Chaos Control for the Apple Watch.

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