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News. The Apple Watch.

Meduza is an independent news media. It covers events within and outside Russia. Meduza now has more than 1.3 million monthly readers. We have developed Meduza app for the Apple Watch. It can save your time and keep you informed about the latest news.

Handoff option

The Apple Watch screen displays news brief. You can open full version of desired news item on your phone. There is a special icon at the bottom of the screen. Just tap it to open the story you are interested in.


If a news item comes with a photo, it is used as a background for a news article. An image transparency is set by default.

Push -

As is usual for the Apple Watch, the system displays the short-look interface first. If the user continues to look at the notification, the system transitions from the short-look interface to the long-look interface.


We’ve designed the app in compliance with the new Apple option called “glance-screen”. In Meduza app this screen displays the latest news.

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