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Megafon bank

At your fingertips. For real.

MegaFon — second largest wireless carrier in Eastern Europe with over 74M subscribers.

In 2016 Megafon launched its own banking service. We were entrusted with creating online mobile application which would enable users to manage their finances using smartphones. We’ve developed iOs, Android and Windows app versions and a desktop site.

Safety and secrecy  of personal data

The app features 2-step identity confirmation. Firstly, you log in to the mobile bank via TouchID or your passcode. Secondly, you verify your identity via SMS. All personal data is encrypted and will be processed in a secure way.

Animated statistics

The app provides detailed statistics of all user’s transactions. It will graphically demostrate how your money was spent.

User personal account should be actually personal. That’s why users have the option of changing the app color scheme whenever they want to. At the time of the app first release 5 background colors were available.

Divide and rule

With the help of the app you can check balances of your loved ones and make payments and transfers. For your convenience, the app provides opportunity of creating transfer and payment templates. For example, you can automatically pay your monthly utility or mobile bills. And as a nice bonus, there is also a loyalty program for users. You will be informed about all promotions and discounts of Megafon partner companies.


We’ve also developed support chat room. You can attach to you messages any images including screenshots of your transactions. Now there is no need in painfully long explanations of your problem, just sent an image.

We’ve developed a desktop site of the bank as well. You could use it if you prefer to work on the computer rather than a smartphone.

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