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Gifts and datings

Girls make wish-lists. Guys make their wishes come true.

Mobile genie

Our client wanted to create a dating app where girls would make wish-lists. We’ve developed this idea and showed guys what girls really want. The app feed shows girls’ profiles. Each profile includes girl’s name, age, photo and wish-list. If a guy likes a girl, he just taps “Fulfill a wish” icon on her profile.

One wish - one chance to meet

A girl gets a push notification when someone wants to fulfill her wish. If she likes a guy, she starts a conversation. From now on users have only 24 hours to arrange a date.

We have been arguing with AppStore for three months - they didn’t want to release our app. AppStore administration didn’t like an idea of authorization via social networks. They were concerned about personal records’ security. It took a lot of time to convince Apple of client’s good intentions. But we finally did it!

Register in 30 seconds

Sign in to the app via Facebook or Vkontakte. You can upload a profile photo from your phone gallery or social network page.

Geolocation search

Feed shows you people who are close to your current location. Search radius is 50 km.You can reject a “friend request” from a certain guy if you don’t want to chat. If the person you are talking to is acting indelicately, you can complain to the administration.

It’s the first app release. We are planning to analyze users’ behavior and collect statistics. In the next update we will add user’s ratings. Users will be able to rate meetings with their new friends. Every Prince app launch makes one more girl happy!

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