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Multicooker recipe book

Redmond — is the best seller of electric multicookers in Russia.Multicooker package includes a hardcopy cookbook. It’s too big; you may also mess it up or even lose it. We’ve designed a mobile cookbook version.

  • iPhone и Android
  • iPad

Our first app versions always provide only core functions. It allows to see if the app is relevant and valuable for its target audience. Then we improve the app based on customer reviews and app analytics.

The first Redmond app version is quite unsophisticated. It doesn’t allow to filter search results and has limited amount of recipes and multicookers. But it has proved an entire idea to be successful.

Hundreds of users download this app everyday, even though Redmond doesn’t advertise it.

Easy and tasty

Multicooker is easy to use. Just prepare ingredients, put them into the bowl and push the button.

Every recipe goes with a yummy photo made by Redmond chefs.

High-powered search engine

You can search for recipes by caloric value, cooking time, recipe content and even products at hand.

In forthcoming versions we will add recipes for vegetarians and people who keep Dukan and Keto diets.

Shopping list

Tap once to add recipe ingredients to your shopping list and you won’t forget to buy them.

The app has been a success with users and helped to strengthen brand loyalty. Update version will store even more recipes. It will keep you posted on new recipes by sending push-notifications.

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