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The app “Masterpieces” is a social news magazine. It aggregates content from three Tiger Milk public community pages in Vkontakte social network. These three public pages have 8 million readers. We’ve developed the iOS app for them to get news faster and in user-friendly form.

Endless news feed

The app automatically aggregates news from three public pages: “Masterpieces of advertising”, “More than a photo” and “Betraveler”. Just swipe left or right to switch between news feeds.

Everyday you get thousand best photos, posters, billboards and breaking news. This application was created to inspire you and broaden your mind.

Offline mode

You can read news feed and share news with friends without being online in social network. Just switch on “Offline mode in VK”.


You can add posts you liked to “Favorites”. Create your personal news feed with interesting posts and photos.

Developing news aggregators for new media is a joint project of Tiger Milk and Touch Instinct. We plan to analyze users’ behavior and improve the app.

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We create mobile applications for our clients since 2011. We will develop fast and user-friendly native applications for iOS, Android, Windows depending on your needs.

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