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Squawk Aha

Market research platform

Squawk Surveys — is a Latvian technology provider helping market researchers to better understand consumers. The Company develops and uses a range of online and mobile technology products and services to enable clients to get insight into consumer needs and behavior.

The client wanted to create a platform to make market research easier. We’ve helped to develop and launch Squawk Aha. It’s a professional mobile application made for market research companies and online panels. The app users are the people who participate in different surveys. Respondents get financial and non-financial rewards for their participation. Rewards motivate them to take all the surveys seriously and provide market research companies with information they need. There are two basic types of the product: white label and SDK that can be adjusted to clients needs.


The application is based on iBeacon (for iOS devices) and Eddystone (for Android devices) technologies. They use little bluetooth beacons which can activate applications on nearby devices in the background mode. Transmitter coverage varies from 10 to 30 metres, and beacons use Bluetooth Low Energy standard. As a result, phone’s battery doesn’t run low while in iBeacon coverage zone. So, survey participants have to download the application and turn bluetooth on.


This is how iBeacon looks like. The transmitters are located along the perimeter or all around the object, depending on its purpose.

We’ve developed Squawk Aha app platform for conducting market surveys and sales promotions. The app allows to:

  1. 1. push respondents personal notifications and links to web surveys;
  2. 2. track time spent in different shops;
  3. 3. aggregate data on respondents’ activity and motion — the app can spot respondents’ location and wi-fi access points they use;
  4. 4. unload respondents’ profiles for further analysis.

How the app works:

Each beacon in a certain area has its own identifier. The app logs a respondent’s visit to iBeacon coverage zone.

Push notifications

The beacon sends a push-notification to respondent’s device. The app may invite a respondent to visit a sale, check out a museum exhibit item or participate in a survey. Notification text and information about nearby objects and places can be specified in the admin panel. Collected respondent behavioral data is sent to the server several times a day.

Administrative bar

User-friendly administrative bar helps to organize collected data for further analysis.

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