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App for your car

StarLine is a leader in the market of car security equipment (33% in 2010). The company is developing and manufacturing car alarm systems, immobilizers and search kits. StarLine is focused on producing low-priced car alarm systems with GPS and GSM. No matter how far your car is, with these systems you can track its location and check whether or not it’s locked. Also, you will know if your car is hit or towed away.

Challenge: to develop a fast and secure mobile app for security and search beacons M15 and M16.

Beacon M15

The beacon is an electronic device that works on batteries. It is just about one and a half the size of a matchbox.

M15 functions completely autonomously. You can place it beneath the lining of the car seats or under the headlight of you car. From time to time the device becomes active - it accepts your commands and transmit your car location details to the server. If the car is stolen, there is a chance to track it down.

M17 must be connected to the electrical power supply of the car. It is permanently active and constantly transmit car location details to the server. Also, it can capture a car's complete movement history. M17 has one external output that you can use, for example, for remote engine warm-up.

Touch Instinct team has designed and developed an app, taking into account all specificities of both devices.

The beacon activity status bar

If you have more that one beacon, on the sidebar you can select the device you want to designate as active.

Selecting an active device

The most frequently the beacon is used for locating a car on the map and recording car movement history.

Map Screen

The most important purpose of the beacon is to track down stolen cars. The app provides a step-by-step guide for those who suffer the misfortune of a car theft.

What to do when your car gets stolen

The app allows you to adjust beacons to your needs.

Device setting

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