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Talk Frog

Cheap mobile calls to foreign countries

Goal: to create a client for TalkFrog, low cost calls service.

TalkFrog is an internet-telephony service, which works on Callback principles. Advantages: low cost calls, working without internet access, commands receive to server via SMS.

TalkFrog iPhone main screenContacts, dial screen and settings

Main features:

  • call to the subscriber from the phone book, calls history or direct-in-dialing. System callbacks to the user and his subscriber, connecting them to the server;
  • redirection, user sets up call divert from his/her number to a free number 8-800. TalkFrog cheaply diverts all incoming calls to a new number with saving the phone number of the calling one.
TalkFrog iPhone forwarding screenCall divert set up process

We carefully thought out all the consequences of setting screens. Restrictions, iOS- and SMS-settings are no longer a problem for the users.

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