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Millions of tracks on your smartphone is an entertaining web service. It belongs to the MegaLabs branch of the MegaFon company. MegaFon is one of the three leading mobile service providers in Russia.

Purpose: develop iPhone and Android applications for online and offline music playback.

New and popular tracks on the main screen helps users to choose the right track from millions of songs in Trava’s library.

The Main Screen: iPhone and Android

The User Interface of the iPhone app corresponds to the iOs Human Interface Guidelines and the UI of the Android app corresponds to Android Design. So navigation and design are comfortable for users of both platforms.

The Player Screen: iPhone and Android

A user can download music to a smartphone and listen to it when he has no access to the internet or a bad connection.

Saved music: iPhone and Android

Music is organized by tracks and albums. Users can make playlists from tracks. Users can download one song, a whole album or a playlist to a smartphone in one tap.

Artist and album

Artists, songs and albums are presented in search results.

Searching: iPhone and Android

Users can’t download tracks to a computer because tracks are encrypted. An encryption key is unique for each user.

MegaLabs is pleased to work with us. We continued our collaboration by developing iPad and Android-tablet versions of the app.

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