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Get your tickets in 7 minutes

Tutu.ru decided to develop an app that would make buying air tickets easier. We were entrusted with creating design and developing iOS and Android app versions.


We considered it important to put ticket tariff options on the search screen. Now you can see straight away if a ticket is refundable in case of no-show cancellation or if you have to pay for extra baggage. Users no longer have to waste their time looking for this information.


Specify desired departure/arrival time, airport or airlines. The last option is useful if you are participating in frequent-flyer programs and collecting miles. The app will find the best options for you.


Flight details are always at your fingertips.You can check whether or not a flight is direct and see flight transfer time. If it’s a night flight or a fuel stop is planned, the app will inform you. Just click on “Orders” tab for quick access to your tickets.


The app stores user information and fills form fields automatically. The system prevents any mistakes during buying process. It highlights empty fields and notifies you about any misprint of your personal data.

We've designed and developed an Android app version. It provides information about baggage allowances. The app will inform you about night flights, stopovers and fuel stops planned. You can check in using your e-ticket instead of paper ticket.

The next step is to maintain and improve the app. Also, we are planning to optimize it for the Apple Watch.

Touch Instinct is very flexible, and they can tune and adjust their process for different clients.

Eugene Lubaev / Туту.ру

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