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VK Music

We’ve brought VK music back

Now you have all music from the network on your iPhone! All music in the app is licensed and posted with permission of the copyright holders. The client company has created the app design. We have made it work correctly and fast even on the slow and older devices.

Visual effects

The developers team has spent a lot of time reconciling length, frequency and see-through capability of visual effects. They were constantly checking up on the details and peculiarities and thinking over diferrent animation schemes. The app visual effects are not annoying and create a good impression of the product. Touch Instinct team has created page turning animation for switching between screens and wavy animation for parking pages.

Music player

You can listen to music both in online and offline modes. The track you are listening to and the next track in the playlist are automatically cached. You can listen to them in full even if your Internet connection is temporarily lost. To listen to music with no data connection you have to save tracks to your device. All saved tracks are stored in “Downloads” folder. You can mix these tracks and create your own playlists.

Strong cryptography

All music is copyrighted and its security is provided by the almighty developers team of Touch Instinct. Tracks are encrypted when added to “Downloads”. You can listen to those tracks only by means of the app.

Our next step is to develop an Android version of “VKontakte Music”.

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