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Know what your friends are doing

W.A.Y.D is an iPhone application. A user can send a request (wayd) to his friend. In return he gets a photo and friend’s location on the map.

Tap once to send a wayd

A user aplplies an SMS verification code and launches the app. Now he can add friends to his contact list and send them wayds.

One tap on a friend icon sends him a wayd. One tap on the logo at the top sends wayds to all friends from a user’s contact list. A user has 10 minutes to send a response to the wayd he received.

Get photos and map locations from your friends

In response to a wayd user gets a photo with a description and friend’s location on the map.

There are call and chat buttons on each photo. Users can call each other or use iMessage to chat.

It’s the first app release. Our team is currently working on the project. We are constantly asking users for a feedback, improving the interface and adding new features. The app upgrades are coming!

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