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Automatic SEO-management

Goal: to give clients an opportunity to trace changes and manage SEO-campaigns.

WebEffector is a service for a website promotion in search engines by purchasing links.

Website promotion devides into two stages. Short-term first stage — creation of the campaign, selection of a search query. And the infinite second one during which WebEffector evenly purchases links. During the second stage users can observe the positions of their web resources at Google and Yandex and adjust budgets. We created a mobile application, that allows to control the progress away from the PC. For example, when the user is on the way home.

WebEffector iPhone main screenList of requests, monitoring and request management

Besides the main functional, we embodied fast website analysis and demo mode, which allows to come acquainted with WebEffector to whose people, who accidentally downloaded the application.

WebEffector iPhone экраны для незарегистрированных пользователейMain screen, fast website analysis

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