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Coin Keeper

Fun personal finance manager

Coin Keeper — startup company from Russia who created a personal finance manager.

The customer came to us with a specific goal: to create a visual fun and easy application for finance tracking. Together we thought through and developed Coin Keeper.

Drag-and-drop coins

Application looks like a big coin holder. Incomes, wallets and user's spendings are represented as a piles of coins. Simple drag-and-drop is needed to write down, for example, salary income or gas purchase.

Illustrative statistics

Finance tracking is made for statistics. We prepared three types of reports: daily bills, monthly incomes and expenses, detailed report of expenses by categories.

for lazy people

It's no secret how whimsy iPhone users are. First of all, they do not like to enter unnecessary information. We took care of them and automatized the application: during the first launch application spots the expense categories, that are based on the user's monthly income.

Smart Currency Converter

Bill-to-bill money transfer uses actual exchange rates; application stores over 100 categories (restaurants, cars, foodstuffs, etc). When user creates a new expenditure category, we prompt him/her an appropriate one and also help to choose an icon.

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